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Friday, May 22, 2020

Memorial Day 2020 in Taiwan - Who Knew US Military Men were Executed in Taipei

Monday, May 25th, 2020.

 Remembering, Honoring and Mourning
military personnel who have died while
serving in the United States Armed Forces.

This Memorial Day in Taiwan, we especially want to remember what transpired 
75 years ago on June 19th, 1945. 

Some time before June 19th, Japanese Military authorities at the Taipei Prison,
conducted a "Trial" on a group of American Army Air Force and Navy men
 imprisoned in Taipei.

The airmen were found "Guilty" and sentenced to Death.

On the morning of Tuesday, June 19th 1945, 
those men were taken from their cells and Executed by rifle fire.

This Monday, May 25th, US Memorial Day,
a gathering will take place at 11:00AM
along the Wall outside the Old Taipei Prison, 
to remember these men and all of our fallen military.

Please arrive on time, the ceremony usually begins promptly.

Everyone is welcome.

The Ceremony this year is again being
sponsored by the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society.
Despite the Covid-10 Virus, this gathering is likely to be one of the few actual gatherings 
on Memorial Day this year.

To find the Taipei Prison Wall...

Take the Metro - Red or Yellow Line.

Get off at Dongmen Station.

Upstairs, you're on the first floor inside the station.
I suggest you use the large clean rest room.

Standing inside the station, looking directly at the Rest Rooms, look right, 
and leave the station via Exit #3, to the right, along the rest room wall,
 hardly anyone will exit here.

Ride the escalator to street level. You'll ride on 2 different escalators to get to street level.

  As you step off the 2d escalator, you'll turn Right and step onto a raised platform, now turn Left walk down a few steps (south) onto the street sidewalk (think it's asphalt).

  Continue walking along the Left side of the street to the 2d crossing street, it's only a block and a half.

Turn Right, walk across the small street, continue walking 1 short block (west)
Push the Walk Button on the pole, you'll have to wait for a Walk Light to cross this very busy street in front of you.

Turn Left and walk a short distance (south) and you will see the small signs on your right,  on the old Taipei Prison Wall, quite close to the sidewalk you are walking on.

If you get lost, show a local person the pictures below, they will probably remember and  will point you to the wall.

The folks of Taiwan are very gracious! 

Your destination is exactly where the man in white shirt is walking,
the Taipei Prison Wall... 

Closer view of Taipei Prison Wall,  2 plaques on the wall.

Closer view of Plaques taken during a previous gathering on Memorial Day.

May God Bless All who have fallen in service to our Country.



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