Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A Must Read Taiwan History

I happened to run across this article linked below by chance, and found it to be very interesting.

There is so much background History on Taiwan and China and if you don't look, you won't find it.
Perhaps you are hunkering-down at home, and rather than watching television, you might find this study worth the read.

Have a peek anyway, nothing to loose.

The link link is to the book version. Open for reading, no costs involved. 

When it opens, just put your mouse pointer up on the upper right side of each page and the page will turn.

So Much History, we never knew....



titojohn said...

A very interesting read. One of my assignments while attached to U.S. Taiwan Defense Command in 1963-1964 was to maintain a Morse Code communications circuit with the ships in the Taiwan Strait Patrol Force.

Rory O'Neil said...

I look forward to reading this - thank you.