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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas

 Christmas 2018

The usual Christmas story I have presented on this Blog for the past few years,  were old photographs of where you may have spent you Christmas in Taiwan.

Today, I am forgoing the long story and many photographs.

 We have a new photograph today representing the Christmas Season, sent over by my friend Frank Smith who was assigned to Taipei Air Station.

Frank's duty work station was at Taiwan Motors, the Ford Dealership in Taipei.  They had the US Military Contract to repair all Taipei Air Station Official vehicles.

Frank was in Taiwan from April 1961 to July 1962.

Please look back in this Blog to see the two previous stories which featured Frank's Photos.
and there are many more photos to come - soon.

The photograph below of the US Ambassador's Official Residence, was taken by Frank during Christmas Season 1961.

The US Ambassador to Taiwan at Christmas in 1961 was Everett F. Drumright, from the state of Oklahoma.  

He served as Ambassador to Taiwan from March of 1958 to March of 1962.

Many will ask, "Where was the Official Ambassador's Residence in those days?

It was the same building that had represented the United States in one way or another for many years.  

It is still standing today, alone, on the same grounds.

Today, it's called the "Spot Theater"  The street address for you using Google Earth is, 18 Zhongshan North Road, Section 2, Taipei.

Perhaps you remember the residence, it was just a few doors north,  along the west side of Zhongshan North road from the Rose Marie Restaurant.   

Photo courtesy of Frank Smith circa 1961

The Rose Marie Restaurant (notice sign on upper right of photo) - probably the most visited restaurant by the Foreign Community during the early days of our time in Taiwan.

The photo was taken out the window of a car going south on Zhongshan North Road, stopped on the corner left and right, of Nanking Road, today Nanjing Road.  

So the photo below, was and is today, a few doors off to the right,  back down the road.

Photo Courtesy of Frank Smith

 This was the US Ambassador's Official Residence, Christmas of 1961.

To remind you again, the Rose Marie Restaurant was a few doors down the street to the left of this photo, on the corner of Nanking and Zhongshan.

I resided in Taipei for over 3 years and this sign was not displayed again during my years.

Never did care for the Xmas signage.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to each of you.

Please continue down this page to an Important Story concerning Tainan Air Base.



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