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Monday, May 21, 2018

"Look Back" at the Ransacking of the Taipei U.S. Embassy

On May 24th 1957, the United States Embassy in Taipei was ransacked.
This week marks the 61st anniversary of that unfortunate incident.

In a story I wrote back in April 2012, looking back at some of the many U.S. Marine Corps Security Guards stationed at our Taipei Embassy, I included a number of photos taken inside and around the embassy complex after the incident came to a close.

This past Sunday, the Taipei Times Newspaper carried a full page story in their "Features" page, authored by Han Cheung under his series of stories, TAIWAN IN TIME, published every Sunday.   

This week Han Cheung titled his story -   A 'great national shame'

Interestingly, in June 2018, less than two weeks away, the United States will open a large, new complex of buildings housing the American Institute in Taiwan, which, in my opinion, should have very large signage on it's new street facing, main building, announcing:

The United States Embassy

It's time to re-name our official United States government agency in Taiwan.

If anyone can change the name, it will be President Trump.....



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