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Monday, September 14, 2015

John Crum has Moved On....... Updated with Obituary

It is my sad duty to inform readers of my blog, that my friend and fellow Taiwan US Military  Blogger, 
Mr. John Crum, a US Army Veteran, passed this morning at 2:00 AM.

John resided in Ohio, having moved from Florida a few years ago.

I first met John a number of years ago when he sent me a number of color photographs he had taken in Taiwan in the 1960s while assigned to STRATCOM in Taipei. His photos were the first photos of the Sea Dragon R&R Club in Taipei I had to post to my blog. It was through these photos that we were able to find the old location of that club some 45+ years later.

  He and his lovely wife were together in Taiwan during his assignment, they had an apartment Iin Grass Mountain.

Shortly after John and I met, he decided to begin a Blog, in which he spot lighted the US Army communicators assigned to Taiwan.  

John suffered a debilitating accident sometime after returning to CONUS from Taiwan.  He fell at his home, resulting in damage to his spine which caused permanent paralysis in most of his lower extremities. He had a motorized chair and was able to get around regularly until a short time ago, when he begin to weaken and shortly passed.

I spoke to John a week or so ago and he was not feeling well then.  I haven't spoken to him since that time.

We have lost another Taiwan US Military Blogger, John follows Lloyd Evans who passed a few months ago, Lloyd's web page is now down, the lights have been turned-off.

I am so thankful to have know John Crum, a man who left part of his heart in Taiwan and a man who continued to write about the men and women of the US Army Signal Corps who trained and ventured into Taiwan to carry on their duties and responsibilities.

John's Blog can be viewed below.

 Please visit and see the wonderful site he maintained, not withstanding his physical condition, never complaining about the hard work, nor shirking his desires to maintain his blog through pain and suffering.

God Bless John Crum, my wonderful friend and veteran brother.

Please pray for John's family in Ohio.

HERE is John's Blog

                                 John's Obituary


Anonymous said...

Sad to know the news...

titojohn said...

Rest in peace my friend John Crum.

If I can Dream! said...

I have just learned with deep regret of the death of John and I am writing at once to express my heartfelt sympathy. thanks you all sincerely, because I am a Taiwanese.