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Thursday, April 9, 2015

MAAG Taiwan's Presence Still Found

Photo found on the Internet.

The photographer sensed history when he framed this photo.

The American military presence is still seen in Taiwan.

This, scuffed shield, propped-up on an old chair, still radiates strong feelings of peace and quietness.

MAAG Taiwan should command a prominent display area inside the Taiwan Military Museum in Taipei.

Had MAAG Taiwan's thousands of US Military Advisors not arrived in the early 1950's, Taiwan's history would be much different today.

God Bless Taiwan.... 

You might want to read some of the early history of MAAG Taiwan.



Anonymous said...

Kent. This MAAG sign image looks like a painting. Either that or they photo-shopped a photo. But to my artistic eye. A painting.

Taipei Air Station said...

Your artistic eye comment is well taken. That thought ran through my mind earlier. I decided it was probably a photo, taken on a day when everything just came together, natural light and shadows in just the right place. Did you notice another MAAG shield on the far wall? If I was to guess where this room was located, I would say it was the old MAAG building close to the Presidential Offices. The building is long gone.

Taipei Air Station said...

I went back to the photo/painting for a more close examination. Two more MAAG shields are hanging along the wall. Could this be a room located at the entrance to the building which contained photos and items of the history of MAAG Taiwan. Perhaps someone who visited the MAAG HQ building will comment.

titojohn said...

It certainly looks like a photo to me. Since there is not date to the photo, my guess is that this could be some remnant of the Sugar Building. There was quite a MAAG presence there back in the day. I remember delivering messages to the MAAG message center there in the early 60s.
John Quinn

Taipei Air Station said...

I received an Email from Ira House, his comments:

The photo in question could very well have been of the sugar building, I worked in the facilities control station on the fifth floor of the sugar building and we had more than one room up there similar to the photo, also the comm center was on the ground floor of the sugar building and they had more than one room there also, wish I could be of more help.
Ira House MAAG US ARMY SIGNAL CORP 1955,1956 AND 1957

Ricky said...

Does anyone know how our family may be able to contact our number one house girl Ahkee? She took care of me for two years when Mom and Dad and the family were stationed on Taiwan from 63 to 65.