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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Looking for Birth Father

If you're a reader of this blog,  you probably know we try to find "missing fathers" of children who were born in Taiwan, of Taiwan mothers and US fathers. 

We were recently successful in locating the father of Tony Wang.  Tony was at Taoyuan International airport to meet his father as he arrived from the United States.  What a happy time for both men.

During the last few days, Rick Slater, (Rick runs the, closed Tainan AB Taiwan Face Book page) was successful in locating information on another missing father.  

Rick found the brother of the missing father, with the help of a number of people around the country.  

We are awaiting word from the brother who will present the information about his brother's child during the Christmas holiday family time. The missing father passed nearly 30 years ago.

We will keep you posted on this story as more information is received.  We are anxious to see how this unfolds with the father's  family.  The woman is on pins and needles awaiting word.  You can imagine her feeling of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, after fifty years of wondering.  


        We have again been contacted, regarding a "missing father."

We believe this is the "missing father" and Jennifer's mother, circa 1963-1964. Please give us your "guess" of the name embroidered on the black shirt. 
A name could help us find him.
  "Hi, my name is Jennifer and I was wondering if there is a way for me to find any military personnel that was in Taipei, Taiwan during 1964?"

  " I was born in December of 1964 the result of my Taiwanese mother meeting a military servicemen, was raised by my grandma (mom's mom) till I was 11, adopted by a wonderful family in the U.S."

  "I never know whom my father was or if he is still alive but always wonder about him, I just recently found my Taiwanese family and went back to Taiwan for a long awaited reunion after 38 years. I'm just trying to find out who my father is and meet him and his family if he have any and if he would like to meet me." 

People have different feelings about uniting children and missing fathers.  I would only ask, put yourself in Jennifer's shoes and think about how you would feel.  I believe this deep need is something instinctive in all of us.  Some give-up and let it go, but they probably carry the burden of not knowing for the rest of their lives.  

I'm sure most of us would attempt to locate our father if we were in a similar situation. 

That's how we feel and if we can help, we will. We are a go-between and would never open the door to the child unless the father granted us permission to do so. 

Rick spoke to Jennifer, trying to glean any information she may have overlooked. We believe he was an Air Force man with 2 stripes on his uniform.  Rick thinks he was Air Force based upon his conversation of what she remembers of a uniform seen in the family closet early in her life. 

We are starting out with this photograph of Jennifer's mother and the man who we believe is most probably, her natural father.

Any information you can help with, would be of great help and appreciated.  We will not identify you in any way.   

Please Email us at Taipei Air Station.

Thank you......

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