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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Call Out for William "Dave" Brown - Tainan 72-73 - Father Arrives in Taiwan

Success and closure for Tony Wang - July 2014
UPDATE:   15 November 2014
Saturday, November 15th,  Tony's father arrived at Taoyuan International.


 Tony, after 40+ years, has made contact with his father. 

Through the tireless efforts of Rick Slater, a Tainan Air Base veteran, Tony's father was located.  

Many kudos to Mr. Slater for spending endless hours of his time and untold efforts, chasing down names and calling around the country, to locate Dave Brown.  

May I suggest, finding a particular "Dave Brown," in the United States is a formidable and challenging task for anyone to successfully accomplish!  

Without Mr. Slater's unwavering determination, this missing person story, a mystery at best,  may never have been solved.

Tony and his father were united via a lengthy Skype video call, on July 10th; a time of new beginnings for both men.

Tony overwhelmed and exhausted after a lengthy Skype video call, during which, he told his father, "I love you" and his father replying, "I love you too!"

It doesn't get much better than this....

ORIGINAL STORY - November 2009

I received a note from a woman asking if I could help to locate the biological Father of a young man born in Tainan in March of 1973. The sons name is Tony, he now resides in Taiwan

His father was stationed at Tainan, worked in the 6214th Base Engineering Department, his name is William D. Brown, called Dave by his friends.

He is Caucasian, approximately 6' 1" tall.

Dave was possibly from Pasadena, Texas

The story goes, Dave left Taiwan approximately 3 days prior to the birth of his son Tony in March 1973, rather quickly because there were complications involving an accident of some type.

Any hint of information would be appreciated.

Can you imagine how Tony, Dave's son feels today, always wondering about his father he never saw or knew.

Do you remember Dave Brown?

Please e-mail if you can help in this endeavor. Any information and your name would be held in confidence if so desired.

Thank you for helping this young man who is on the biggest journey of his life.

If you were stationed at Tainan during 1972/1973 you may remember Dave Brown.

Note: Please also remember that the information is as close to the actual events as we could collectively piece together, however, please allow some room for error as memories can be a bit off after so many years..

Update: 15 Dec 2009. I received an email from a gentleman who served at Tainan AB in 1973 who recalled that an Air Force man, believed to be Dave Brown was involved in a serious auto accident, was injured and flown out of Taiwan.

If you can offer additional information, please contact us.


rick slater said...

Kent: Sent you an email message concerning this William Dave Brown. Did some people searching in Texas, and nadda.(I gave you the phone numbers, ages etc.) Also checked with Phil Hall (6214th Cryogenics), said he never heard of this guy. Maybe he passed away from his injuries, or that one of the 5 guys I did telephone last week was this guy, and he denied any knowledge !

rick slater said...

This son, of William D. (Dave) Brown...if he is interested, he can email me, and I will give him a few people-search-engines in which he can investigate on his own.

rick slater said...

Kent, after requesting a 2nd time to find this William D. Brown and chatting with his Taiwan son in Taipei, Tony Wang on FB chat. I set about using my people search engines, and located a guy in Cincinnati, Ohio. Left him two messages ie a Tainan Vet looking for a Tainan Vet, and when that didn't work left a frank message about his biological son , Tony Wang, and how dear Tony wanted to bond with his biological father

Rick Slater said...

Two days ago after about a 3 week lull, William D. 'Dave' Brown, from Cincinnati, Ohio, called me at home a few days ago. Beside trying to clear the cobwebs of the years that have passed, he was a bit skeptical of me. And it took a bit of arm twisting and a lot of Tainan AB info that I dumped on him. Between my phone messages, and Chui Chen Chang an attorney who acted as translator on Tony's behalf in Taipei , and the Skype phone call Tony sent him, he finally came around. The only bump in the road, is Dave's wife, who he has to tell and explain the ghosts of the past.

titojohn said...

Rick and Kent,

Great job you guys! You can be justifiably proud of your actions to unite a father and son.

John Q

Unknown said...

Thanks Everyone to help me .specially Mr.Rick and Mr.Kent, and miss Chen Chang Make my big dreams come truth ,for me and my father is real big thing, we are try to talk many many thing, is all you make everything , so much thanks!!! god
bless you everyone, you all so kind , sorry about
my poor Englsh, cant explanation how much i
gratitude. LOVE . Tony.

Yuan Huntington said...

What a wonderful story!! So heartwarming.

Unknown said...

Story is not quite finished. I am David B Brown, oldest son of William D Brown. My younger brother Brandon Brown was born in Taiwan in 1971. We were recently told of our half brother, Tony Wang. Tried to contact him via fb but no luck so far.

Unknown said...

Formosa TV News

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Rick & Kent. To succeed in this, after so many years, is incredible. I'm proud to know you guys.