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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taipei Air Station Motor Pool

I had an Email from a National Taiwan University (NTU) student who is looking for information about the Taipei AS Motor Pool buildings, 3 of which are still standing today.

Many who were stationed at Taipei Air Station were aware of the motor pool, but few ever ventured back to the area.

Here is his Email with minor corrections by me:

"I am a Taiwanese student studying in National Taiwan University. I take a class for building and planning in this semester and the goal of the class is to reform the building of " Motor Pool" in TAS (no.126 shown in the map attached).

The building  is now used as student space for five departments of management college. I am searching the history of TAS and the " Motor Pool" in detail. May I ask you some  questions of TAS?  Thank you very much!

This photo taken 1968 or 1969 before new Motor Pool buildings were constructed.

Q1: What did people do in Motor Pool and in Supply (no.108 in the map attached)?


This photo an enlargement of the buildings seen in large photo above.

Q2: Why was there a loft in Motor Pool? How did it change from that time indoor? 
Do you have any picture of it?
Can you tell the arrangement inside?

Can someone please comment on when the "New Taipei AS" was constructed.  
When did everyone move over to new buildings.  
I suspect the time schedule was, "as buildings became available," what year was it?

Q3: Was Motor Pool built in 1974? In attached picture above, we can see that building A was first build without building B. So when was building B built? What was building B for?

Q4: Was building C built at the same time as building A? What did people do in this building?"

 Here is what I can find in USAF Records concerning the Motor Pool:
27 June 1962:  Taipei Air Station acquired 3.9 acres of land adjacent to the station for construction of a dormitory, mess hall and motor pool area.

November 1966:   The Motor Pool Complex at Taipei Air Station, which included parking area, auto maintenance shop, auto maintenance administration building, vehicle refueling station, open storage for vehicles, new fence and street lighting was completed at Taipei Air Station at a cost of US $113,000.

30 November 1967:   6213th Air Base Squadron Motor Pool moved into its new area at Taipei Air Station.

If someone knows any of the answers, please write to us, and we will notify the student who wrote. 

Thank you for any assistance or information you recall. 

 I hope we can come-up with a good time-line regarding the Motor Pool, and hopefully, some information the NTU Student is looking for.

Here's our Email:



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