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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Tainan Air Base Photographs from Bill Cree

Continuation of Bill Cree's photographs of Tainan Air Base 1959-1961

February 1960 - This is inside our radio shack.  I'm logging readings from the equipment. The equipment on the left are TRC-24 receivers transmitters and power supplies.  On the right is the TCC-7 carrier unit.  The equipment is all transportable and can be taken down quickly

January 1960 - We even had a parade one morning; too bad I had duty.  In fact the whole crew worked that morning.  It sounds a little fishy.  As you can tell from the pictures there weren't any trees around.  if you look at Google maps today there isn't anything left of the buildings and trees are everywhere.  The Japanese pillboxes and the water tower are still there. 
January 1960 - Here is a shot from our radio site toward our barracks on the left and the water tower.  As you can see it was a short walk to work.
December 1959 - This was the first of two Christmas's I spent in Taiwan.

January 1960 - This is the Maagambo  (Mogambo) club in Tainan.
January 1960 - Matador missiles ready to go.  They test fired one missile while I was at Tainan AB.  The base can be seen in the right hand side of the picture.
January 1960 - Crews ready for a launch.

January 1960 - Perfect launch except the chase plane was headed in the wrong direction and it never caught up.  The Missile ended up somewhere in  the south China sea. 

These are just some pictures of my brief stay at Tainan AB.  Later I spent 4 months at the Kaohsiung site and 4 months at Makung site. 

I will send some pictures of those two sites later. 

Many thanks Bill for sharing your old photos for everyone to enjoy.

Looking forward to seeing all of your photos from Taiwan.


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Reindeer said...

What a treat to find your site. My father, Major Milo Raim, served at Tainan AB from 1960-1962. I was young in elementary school. We lived near Blue Circle the first year we spent in Taiwan. It was a great time for me as a child. I was looking for things I would remember since my parents have passed and miss them. Your pictures brought back memories of the base and my dad. Thanks for a great site.