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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life and Adventure - Taipei - Early 1950s - Part 5

Alice and her friends were always on the go..

Today, a collage of photographs, most are not annotated of their exact location, but all appear to be within a one day driving trip surrounding Taipei.  In 1952, the countryside was very close to the city. 

Beautiful rice paddies in this valley.

This farmer takes good care of his ox.
Alice standing beside the shaded ox.  The farmer doesn't seem very interested in taking a photo.
A farm house.  Notice the MAAG vehicle. Use of military vehicles was more liberal back-in-the-day.
Sifting rice - assume the farmer was showing the folks around the farm.
Another farm house, this ox has a heavy load.  There's that MAAG Chevy parked under the tree.

The young boy has quite a load to carry to the farm house up the road.

Young boys were generally the ones responsible for taking care of the ox. 
Visiting Wulai, riding up the hill to the waterfall. Today this area is full of buildings and the ride is in a small scale railroad car.

No ID on the waterfall.  It could be at Wulai.

These photos from areas around Taipei, photographed in the 1952 - 1953 time period.

More beautiful photographs from Alice Winans coming..


Morgan said...

Lovely photos! I'm an American currently living in Taipei (since 2008) and really enjoy seeing the photos of a Taiwan I never knew. Keep it up!

David L said...

Wonderful photos of the early 1950s.
I am a Taiwanese American born in Taiwan but moved to the USA four decades ago.

These photos were taken a few years before I was born, but they are the images in my earliest childhood memory. It's also fun to think of them as the views my parents saw right after their meeting and courtship. (My mother graduated from National Taiwan University in 1952. They married in May 1953).
I have seen photos of father driving my mother in the very first family album, but have never seen the car. We were told father sold the car, a Dodge, shortly after they were married. The most common mode of transportation in my early childhood around Taipei were pedicabs. Our first family auto was a 1965 Opel, forest green, imported from Germany. ...