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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Little Taste of Home

There's a little secret ingredient in my apartment that fills my kitchen with a sweet aroma most mornings.

A nutty sweet aroma of browning dark wheat, nuts and seeds drifting from my 2 slice toaster....

 Late last year my doctor told me to loose weight, one of the suggestions, cut down on breads, rice, etc.

After experimenting with various types of whole wheat and other "healthy" breads from the grocery and various health food stores, I never found anything I really liked.

One day in the commissary bread isle, I came across this Winter Wheat loaf.

It was hidden on the top shelf, above eye level, along with some rye breads.

There were only a few loaves on the shelf, guess it wasn't a big seller.  After eyeballing the label, it seemed pretty healthy so I grabbed a loaf.

Later, at home, I opened the wrapper, spread some butter on a slice and tasted.

It was delicious.  Eight or ten slices and a lot of butter disappeared before that loaf was sealed back up.

I soon realized that the bread tasted just as good without butter.

Now, in place of ice cream, chips or cookies, a slice of this Winter Wheat bread becomes a snack.  It's so tasty, no need for peanut butter, jelly or even butter.

On my last trip back to Taipei, I placed eight of the bakery packaged 24 ounce loafs, each in a two gallon Ziploc Double Zipper freezer bag and into my suitcase.  They took up a big portion of the large bag. 

A few hours later, back at my apartment in Taipei, they went right onto the shelves in my refrigerator freezer compartment, except for the one loaf that was placed in the refrigerator, ready for toast the next morning.

I can report that only a few slices of the 8th loaf remain in the refrigerator, and those will be gone in a few days.
Guess I'll have to visit that bakery in the Food Court at City Hall Metro Station.  Their rye bread isn't too bad.

Next time I return to Taiwan from Hawaii, I'll stuff my suitcase full of the good stuff! 

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