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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday - July 4th

Bringing back our July 4th post from 2011.

 July 4th is a day for all Americans to celebrate our nation's birthday.

The Birthday of the United States of America — Independence Day — is celebrated on
July 4th, the day the wording of the Declaration of Independence was approved by Congress.

 The signing of the Declaration of Independence, is depicted on our $2.00 currency. 
How long since you've had a $2.00 bill in your wallet?
I have no July 4th celebration photos from Taiwan back-in-the-day, although, I am sure there were celebrations going on at all US clubs, the beach and at many homes.

Today's Ex-Pat celebrations in Taiwan are probably small, some of the "pubs" as they are now called, will probably have something special in observance of the 4th of July.

Let's look back at some of the 4th of July celebrations.

Lots of folks turned out in their old uniforms to lead this parade with the colors!  


Of course, the children want to take part in the celebration.

An impromptu orchestra comprised of youngsters to oldsters....

Our glorious United States Flag, and folks enjoying the parade.

Even a river parade celebrating the 4th of July! 
The water sure looks cool....

Here's the 2010,  4th of July Parade from Ennis, Montana.

This down home parade is the kind I love..

Saddle up my friend, and click the video..

Enjoy the summer!

UPDATED:  2 July 2014

Who is this fellow Johnny France, the parade Grand Marshall?
He's quite a man.

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I remember going to the fireworks at the Taipei American School on July 4th, 1971. What we remember was that it was the greatest fireworks show we ever watched, even better than any 1976 display.