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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taiwan Railroading - Back in the Day

Loren Aandahl has spent a good part of his free time traveling around the island photographing its railways.

Why is this so special?  Loren arrived on Taiwan in 1954, a 1-year old boy and left Hsinchu after graduating from high school at Morrison Academy in Taichung, 16 years later, in 1970.

Loren grew up in Taiwan, spoke the language and knew his way around.  Loren's childhood years here were during the period of martial law and just about everything was "off limits" for photographs, including trains.
Loren took hundreds of photographs during his high school years and he recently published a book with the best of those photos. 

You may remember Loren from some earlier postings on our Web pages.  Please read the Aandahl Family story and see the beautiful photographs of their life in Taiwan. Click HERE

You might enjoy watching an interview with a television reporter concerning his book. It's a really informative interview.  Watch it HERE

HERE is a Taiwan newspaper article on Loren's book.

If you would like to order a copy of Loren's book, and you reside in the USA,  please send a check for $45.00 (includes shipping) to Loren Aandahl,  2121 Drew Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN  55416. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kent: Long time no talk. Loren's book is also available here in Taiwan at the Eslite Bookstore Xun Yi branch, 3rd floor in the Taiwan history section. Kenneth