Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Young Airman Shares His CCK Days - 1968-69 UPDATED

This evening I was talking with my friend Gene who mentioned some video links he saw on the Taiwan Air Blog.

Here are two fantastic videos produced by Steve Rabb who spent his 15 month tour at CCK.

Long ago days at CCK; these videos really stirred my heart.

UPDATED  - 18 January 2014

The original publication date of this post was -  25 October 2010.

The (two) videos described above were put together into one presentation.

Here is the new video.  


sarj said...

awesome thanks for sharing. I placed the wrong comments in the newer videos that I meant to put here. Never the less all these videos are a blessing for us Vets of Taiwan.

CG Lai said...

Thank you for the film. I was brought up in Taichung during the time as a Chinese. I used to ride bicyle over the hill where Tunghai University is to the sea on Sunday. We knew of course about CCK.I lived where the City Hall is (where the film showed) and I still remember there was a stop for Gray Line Bus which must be the one that ferried the people from CCK to the city. I also remember the first Dr. Pepper I had in one of my bicyle trips, an aluminan can one that my friend's mother brought us from the "PX" (as we Chinese would call it). And of course I remember the Budda and Sun Moon Lake. The film is incredible and brought back so much memory (and I can tell you also I know which theater that was showing the "Dirty Dozen". The blog sponsored by the veteran actually preserved a lot of the images and memories that unfortunately we chinese probably could not do at the time, so it is so great. Thank you all (my older sister is visiting me from Miami, and she is equally thrilled to see this film).