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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who can Identify this street? UPDATED

This is the "corrected" view of 湯德章紀念公園 Tang, De-Jhang Memorial Park in Tainan.
Photograph courtesy of Les Smith

The buildings were still small during the time this photograph was taken.
Can someone identify the street and approximate date.

UPDATE: I tried to find something about the park on the Internet. I cannot find any articles on the park in English. Does anyone know who Mr. Tang was and why the park was established?


林俊昇 said...

It looks like 湯德章紀念公園(Tang, De-Jhang memorial park) in Tainan.

farmer said...

I live in TAINAIN.I can sure this picture is Tang, De-Jhang memorial park

Anonymous said...

i asked a friend in tainan. yes, it's Tang, De-Jhang memorial park allright. But the only problem with this picture is that the photo was printed revised, which means all the things that on the right side including the church and the people who were riding the pedicabs should be on the left side and vice versa. notice the 4 chinese characters on the red sign hanging on a photo shop on the left side of the photo can prove this. but the way, this photo shop still exists now.

David Yang

Anonymous said...

oops, made a spelling mistake, it should be " the photo was printed reversed". Not "revised"

David Yang

Anonymous said...

I went running in Tainan from the new Far Eastern Hotel. I ran right through this circle on my run to the Anping Fort. 100% it is in Tainan. The circle connects Minsheng, Jhongjheng, Cingnian, Jhongshan, Gungyuan, and Kaishan roads.

Chen Mumin said...

The park was called Ming Shen Green Park (Ming Sheng Lv Yuan), located in front of the old Taian City Hall. Mr. Tang De Jiang was a lawyer in the 1940s. He was higly respected in Tainan because he was the first native Taiwanese to acquire lawyear's license under Japanese colonial rule. During the 2-28 massacre, he was arrested by KMT troops and then executed in this park at age of 40. After democritization, Tainan City government changed the park into Tang De Jhang Memorial Park in the 1990s in honor of his bravery duing KMT's authoritirian rule. The road shown in the middle of the phoso is Chung Shan (Sun Yat-sen) Road, linking to Tainan Railway Station in the north.