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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Building 64 Kung Yuan Lu

A new house is constructed in Hsinchu.

See how it rose from a green field to a new home HERE


Misty said...

Does the house still exist?

Johnny Jiang said...


What a series of photos! If you, or Mr. Anadahl, give more details about the location, I will visit Hsinchu to find it for you, and it should be interesting to make a contrast, provided the house or the scene still exists.

I sent you a request for your permission to use photos from this great blog a couple of days ago and I wonder if you receive my mail?


Johnny Jiang (Taipei)

Taipei Air Station said...

I contacted Mr. Aandahl and here is his response:
"No. It was torn down in the mid 1980s to build a 6-story office building. This building was torn down in the mid 2000s and replaced with an updated 6-story office building. Both buildings occupy/occupied the entire footprint of the yard. The sawmill is now gone too as are most of the old Japanese houses that once graced the neighborhood."