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Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Materiel on September Trip to Taiwan

We were not granted a Group Discount at the Howard Plaza Hotel as I had originally thought.

The costs, when the 10% surcharge and taxes were added in, would drive the nightly charges above $150 US. Not the most expensive dwellings in Taipei, but much less expensive rooms are available and we have found a charming hotel very close to our old "stomping grounds" which will serve as our HQ Hotel for the trip.

There is no requirement that everyone stay at the same hotel, if you would rather stay at another hotel you certainly may. Some folks may want to explore by themselves and not hang with our group. We understand, please make your own decisions on this. For those who choose to stay with the group, we'll stay at the Yo Chun Hotel Regency located at 55 Min Quan West Road. We have a few photographs of the hotel and some information that you will need to review, please visit the site ->

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