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Saturday, March 21, 2009

MAAG Hsinchu Housing - The Next Residents

Interesting things begin to occur during the 1970s at the U.S.Military Hsinchu Housing Compound.

As the American military families vacated the western style homes,
university faculty and students became the new residents.

Lets see what's happened at the Hsinchu Housing Compound HERE.


Johnny Jiang said...

There are recent pictures about MAAG Hsinchu Housing.(!1137) Of course they were taken before the demolition in 2006. You may not be familiar with many of them as they were changed as time went by, except the white houses with red roofs, the meadow, old trees and the water tower.

Johnny Jiang said...

Correct my comment above. The vulgar iron-made red roofs are not a part of your memory. They should be dark roof tiles in your days in Hsinchu. I found the mistake as I checked Mr. Rayle's photos from the link provided.