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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hsinchu in the 1950s

A group of military members and families have just arrived aboard the USS Breckinridge in Keelung Harbor bound for assignments in Taiwan. Photo circa 1959.

The Rayle family was waiting dock side to greet and welcome a new family being assigned to MAAG Hsinchu. Nothing more comforting than having folks waiting for you when you arrive, taking care of transportation and you baggage as you travel to your new duty assignment. Some families traveled by ship, some flew over. I always wondered how transportation means were determined.

Bruce Rayle, the son of LTC Roy E. Rayle resided in Hsinchu with his family. His father was assigned to MAAG Taiwan in Hsinchu.

Bruce has put together a number of interesting subjects that deal with Hsinchu during the late 1950's.

Today, we open with the Rayle Family Pages HERE.


Les D. said...

Wow, what great photos and memories. One thing jumped out at me: those Bank of Taiwan houses appear identical to the BOT houses in Tien Mu. I'd always wondered if BOT built any housing compounds other than the ones in the Taipei area. Now we know there was at least one more down island.

Les Duffin

Don said...

Great photos, Kent! I didn't know anything about that area and these shots, along with the commentary, are of real historical significance. Thanks for posting them.


sarj said...

Don told me about this page.
This ship was the sister ship to the General Mann that took me and my bride back to the states.
years after I got out of the Navy I worked with a man that served on this ship during WWll.

Anonymous said...

what great memories came to Taiwan on the USS breckinridge the summer of 1958