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Monday, October 13, 2008

Old Military Housing Area Receives Breath of Long Life!

"Taiwan Headlines" published by the Taiwan Government Information Office presented an interesting article earlier this year concerning the old Military Housing in Yangmingshan's Shantzuhou area. Read the article here

Here is another article written for the "Taiwan Panorama Magazine" which discusses the same housing area once occupied by US military personnel. Please note, there are 5 pages of the article. just keep clicking the "Next" arrow at the bottom of each page.

It appears the Taiwan Government is designating the old housing area in Yangmingshan a cultural landmark.

Both articles are interesting reads.

My best wishes to you and your extended families this "Columbus Day."

Can someone please give the Google Earth coordinates of this old housing area. The new Google Earth images of Taipei should provide good views of the old homes.

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