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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Are Your Feelings on a Reunion in Taipei

A Get Together in Taipei in the Fall 2008?

I'm going to leave this Post on Top of the Blog for a week or so. Hope you'll send in your feelings regarding a trip this fall....

I've had a couple of notes regarding a possible "coming together" in Taipei.

Let me know your feelings.

Prices for air and hotel accommodations can be determined at a later date if we have enough folks who want to travel back to our old home away from home, wonderful Taiwan. A lot has changed, but I guarantee, you will be glad you took the trip. Consider your options and send in your thoughts.

I paid about $150.00 US for a room with a king bed which included a great buffet breakfast when I last visited Taipei in November 2007. We can find less expensive rooms, Air travel via Eva Airlines and China Air Lines are probably the least expensive. If we decide to GO, we can figure out an Itinerary at a later date.

Let your feelings and/or ideas be known by clicking on the "Comment" below.

ADDENDUM: 13 Feb 2008..

I ran the numbers with China and Eva Airlines..

Round trip Los Angeles to Taipei in mid September:

China Air - 853.00 Eva Air - $988.00

Not inexpensive, but it's a long flight and fuel prices are high. Maybe we could get a group rate.

The trip would be an experience. AND a side trip to Hong Kong would complete a wonderful and exciting vacation. I visited Hong Kong with my family in May 2006 and those 5 days were the most wonderful vacation days of my life. I had more fun, did more things and enjoyed the beauty of the city and harbor that can't be duplicated any place I know of. If I had been alone, it wouldn't have been so much fun, but with folks that share your values and history, you become friends and together things fall into place with much ease and the days are filled with happiness and joy.

These are my feelings and my heart.

Lots of us have procrastinated, put it off, drug our feet, made excuses about returning.

Is this the year to return? Can you see yourself standing on an outside balcony of the Grand Hotel on a sunny afternoon, looking down toward the old Navy Exchange, having excitement in your heart and butterflies in your stomach as you contemplate experiencing another few days in Taipei with friends. You can see all of the places you once knew. How could it not be a fun trip....

The summer Olympics will be finished in Beijing (8-24 August) and the tourists will be gone for the most part.

Let's discuss this and see what we can come up with.


John W. Hurst said...


Boy would I love to be able to attend a reunion this year, but we have college tuition x 2, so it's not practical this year. My wife is finishing her degree, and she gets to go to Taiwan this summer (as a school trip) to teach English! I would rellay like to tag along, but one of us has to stay home to take care of the teenage still home and the pets.

I do hope you get a couple of positive responses; and who knows, start reunions this year, I'm sure I'll be able to attend in a few more years!!!

Anonymous said...

i would love to have a reunion in taipei,but not in 08. sometime in 09 would be better for me as i plan on a trip to taiwan in09. spent way too much money on my last trip in 07 but it was great.

ted quarles

Dennis said...

I would also be interested but do not belive I can make it in the next several years as Like John I have a kid in college Certainly keep me in the loop as I would love to do this. Man, that would be great touring around with some old TPE hands.

Lacey said...

I have often thought about going back and showing my wife all the sights, assuming I can remember any of them! It's been a long time. (1968-9)

It's vaguely possible. I have to check out the prices from the East Coast and give it some thought.

Bill said...

I would like to return in 2009. I am a USACC Taiwan (Army) vet and have asked others of USACC if they want to go back.
Let me know if you would want to include us in your trip.
I have written to a few Taiwanese agency to see if there would be a possibility of them sponsoring such a trip.
If you are interested in combining forces you can contact me at


Anonymous said...

i would enjoy going back, i was at tas from 4/71 until 8/72, i ran the apo 96280 anyone remember that apo number?

John/STRATCOM said...

Just ran across your blog and subscribed. Most of our time was spent working/living in Chiayi with frequent trips to Tainan and Taichung and occasionally to Taipei and other locations. Would like to join your group in 2009 BUT I think my wife will be finishing a college degree and with much time spent in China the past couple of years we probably couldn't make another big trip until 2010 or so. I do wish you well and hope you will stay in touch as I would like to look forward to hearing your future plans. It looks like Taiwan has changed drastically since my service there in the late 1960's!

Anonymous said...

I would like to visit - altho my wife has no interest (she was in Taipei with me -1968-69)

I love the website and just got a scanner and have tons of Taipei and TAS pixs I will attempt to load. I saw one other "Airman" who was stationed there the same time I was - anyone else? I am still in contact with one of my buddies.

I was just telling someone the other day how I stood out under the sidewalk cover and watched General Benj Davis on his farewell tour and how I should have got his autograph! (dumb kid - I could kick myself!)

Bill Johnston (Office of Judge Advocate at Taipei)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the latest postings regarding a trip to Taiwan. As I said my last posting we would be interested if the trip were later such as 2010. My wife is Chinese and speaks perfect Mandarin and Sichuanese having taught it in mainland China. Lately we talked with a local couple from Taiwan plus my wife's cousing who is also from Taiwan and all say that things are drastically different from the time I lived there in the late 60's. Everyone seems to think that it is (especially Taipei) a much more fun place now and transportation is also much better although pollution is rampant in the rivers and other areas so no more swimming or fishing as we did back in the 1960's.

Good luck on your trip, John/STRATCOM