Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The First Brain Teaser

The Taipei Air Station Web Page has been "up" for more than 2 years.

I was thinking about a new piece for the Blog this morning and a wonderful question came into my mind.

Of all the photographs taken in Taipei, which photographed site would you guess has generated the most photographs sent in to our e-mail or PO box? I'm not talking about an area, I'm talking about a particular building being in a photograph. Give it a little thought, let your mind wander around for a few minutes. If you were taking pictures during your time in Taipei, which site, place, building, or what ever would you have photographed for sure?

I have many photographs, which shot do think I have the most different copies of?

Click on the "Comments" entry below and give us your thoughts and guess.

This will open up the movie projector in your mind, enjoy those pictures passing by in your thoughts. Happy days they were, wonderful people. God Bless Taiwan. Don't be shy. let us hear from you. It's easy, just click on the Comments block in the bottom right side of this post.

Addendum: You guys are too smart. I need to work harder on my questions next time. Yes, the Grand Hotel is correct. Who could pass that beautiful building and not take a pictue. No one.


Dennis said...

Kent, I would have to say the Grand Hotel.

John Hurst said...


My first thought was the Presidential Palace, but then I remembered the Grand Hotel. When this was first built in 1973 - the view coming up Chung Shan N Rd and seeing that majesty hotel perched right on Grass Mt - it was (and is still) magnificent. My vote is Grand Hotel!

Bill said...

I would think the Grand Hotel. As it was the one landmark that we all knew.
Although, after thinking about it, maybe a building in the HSA Compound where we all seemed to spend alot of time.

Don said...

Yeah, what Dennis, John & Bill said. The big house on the hill has to be it.

I've read that GIs would sometimes save up to spend a night in the place, but I don't think I ever knew anyone who did it. How about the rest of you?


Bill said...

Yes, I stayed there but in 2003. I returned on business and during my week long stay I was at the Hilton, downtown across from the Main Train Station.
My next to last night in country I stayed at the GH just to say I did it. While the room was nice, I must have expected to much as other than being about to look around and say I stayed there......not much else to say.