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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Taiwan Personnel Listing - 31 January 2021

Below, our current, updated Taiwan Personnel Listing. 

If you served in Taiwan, we encourage you to add your name and information.

Anyone who served in Taiwan is Welcome, we cover all Services and 

all Taiwan Duty Stations.

If you find someone on the List that you would like to contact, Please email us with the name of the person.

We will forward your Email to that person

Want to add your Name to the Taiwan Personnel Listing?

Use the listing below  as a guide to what information to include in your Email.

Our Email address:


There was 3 additions to the Taiwan Listing this week.


This is the 1st Time I have updated in some time, and the "Old Way"

of dropping the Taiwan Listing directly onto this Blogger Page will not longer work.


 I had to use Google Documents, which you will see below, when you open the link.


Perhaps by the next update of the Taiwan Listing, I have found a better way to display the Listing.  

It's Alphabetical, so it's easy to find a name.


My apologies.... 

To see the Listing, you'll  have to pull your Mouse over the Red Color words beginning with:  https://  below,  

then double Click on the covered lines, it should open.  

 Working on a better way, hopefully next update it will be smoother.  

Thank you very much for your consideration and patience..    


What it is below, is just a normal link to something, just like you use often.                

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