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Monday, December 9, 2019

Taiwan Personnel Listing - 9 December 2019

Below, our current, updated, Taiwan Personnel Listing.

If you served in Taiwan, we encourage you to add your name and "Nickname."

Anyone who served in Taiwan is welcome, we cover all services and 
all Taiwan Duty Stations.

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Ables, Bill (William) Taipei USTDC Comm Center 71-73
Abernathy, Gene Taipei COMSEVENTHFLT Joint Ops Center (JOC) 56-59
Abernathy, Thomas Taipei AS ATF 13 Hq Sq Personnel Office 56-57
Acquaviva, Vince Jr.   CCK C-130 Crew Chief 71-74
Adams, Blair R. Taipei AS 2165 Comm Sq Power Production 60-61
Adams, Bob Taipei AS PMO at HSA 69-72
Adams, Butch Tainan AB Fire Dept 67-69 / 70-71
Adkins, Chuck Taipei AS Shihmen Radar Site 63-65
Adolf, Gerald E. (Jerry)  CCK 776th TAS First Sergeant 1973
Allen, Chuck Taipei AS Security Police also at HSA/PMO 71-75
Allred, James (Jim) Taipei AS Crypto Maintenance 64-65
Alt, William (Joe) CCK 4420th Air Refuel Sq Enviro Sys / Vol at MARS 69-70
Amabisca, Allen Taipei AS 327th AD Intelligence 67-69
Ammerman, Harry (Mike) Taipei AS Crypto Maintenance 67-68
Armstrong, David M. CCK 6217th Air Police 66-67
Armstrong, Gene C. Tainan AB Air Police 66-68
Ashmead, Jim CCK Base Computer 69-71
Atkins, William G. (Gary) Shu Linkou AS 6987th Scty Gp/USAFSS (Able Flt) 68-69
Atkins, William G. (Gary) Taipei Sung Shan AB Op Loc A Det 1 USAFPCS 72-77
Aubuchon, Earl Taipei AS Comm Sq Switchboard 67-89
Auclair, Merle  Shu Linkou 176 ASA Co 55-56
Baker, James B. Taipei Son of M.E. Baker MAAG ASA 56-59 / 60-62
Balken, Wes Tainan AB APO 96340 72-74
Balmas, Thad CCK 314th FMS C-130 Engine Shop 69-70
Baltazar, Gene (Wally) CCK Base Supply 66-67
Barker, Glenn P-31 Radio Station 72-75
Barker, Stephen Tainan GCA and Control Tower 72-74
Barnett, Charles (Mike) Taipei AS US Taiwan JOC 61-64
Barnett, Zenie Tainan Det 4 Air Service Command  69-71
Barrera, Peter L. (1940-1990) Taipei AS 2165 Comm Sq Personnel Office 66-68
Barrett, Bob Tainan AB - TDY from13th Air Force at Clark 1951
Basham, Linda Shu Linkou AS ~ Base Supply 70-71
Bauer, James (Jim) Tainan AS Fuels Officer 65-67
Baxter, Ted Taipei USTDC Comm Center 66-67
Beach, Michael CCK 6217th Air Base Sq Logistics 76-77
Beach, Michael Taipei Sung Shan AB OL H 61st MASWg 77-79
Beatty, Michael CCK AFNT Radio; CBPO Special Actions 70-71
Bedell, Jim CCK 2129th Comm Sq Ground Radio Repair 71-72
Behling, William (Bill) Tainan AB Security Police "D" Flight 66-68
Behymer, Richard D. CCK C-130 Asst CC 62-1844 71-72
Belile, John P. CCK Security Police 73-74
Belski, Dave Taipei AS Command Post 59-61
Belvin, Carlton CCK Base Supply 74-75
Benadom, Gregory (Beni) Taipei USTDC Comm Center & MAAG MDCAT Matsu Isl. 59-62
Bennett, Jack Taipei AS Teletype Maint with 90 day TDY at Taichung 62-63
Berg, Richard CCK Field Maintenance 71-72
Berhow, Jimme Kinman Island MAAG 66-67
Berlepsch, Ed CCK CES / Taipei AS  69-71
Berman, David Tainan Weather Det 63-65
Bethea, Philip Taipei AS 2165th Comm Sq duty stn at Shihmen 65-66
Biga, Joseph CCK Hospital 70-71
Bird, Larry Taipei AS Crypto 62-63
Birden Jr., Paul Shu Linkou AS, TDY to Taipei AS and Hou Keng 69-70
Bloom, Sarj Taipei USTDC Photographer 61-63
Bogart, David CCK C130E Crew Chief 67-68
Booth (Ouimette) Susan Taipei AS Dau Father worked AOC  1962
Booth, Ed Taipei AS Shihmen Radar Site 63-66
Borchardt, Dalton R. TDY at Grass Mt and Happy Mt - Radar Eval Clark AB 69
Bottegal, Barbara CCK Base Supply and Bomb Dump 76
Bouchard, Robert (Bob) CCK 314th Aerospace Ground Repairman 67-68
Bourikas, William (Bill) CCK Security Police 68-69
Bowers, Gay L. (Gary) Tainan AB Security Police 67-69
Boyce, Edward E. (Ed) Taipei APO 96263 65-66
Bramham, Steve Taipei AFNT Radio 68-69
Brasfield, Michael L. CCK 345 TAS C-130 Instructor Loadmaster 67-68
Breedlove, William (Bill) Taipei USARSCAT, Sugar Bldg ??
Bretschneider, Erich Taipei Seabees Equipment Opr HSA Motor Pool 65-66
Bricker, Robert C, CCK 314 FMS Fabric/Survival Shop 69-70
Bridges, David CCK 374 CSG CBPO Admin 72-73
Briddle, Fynis Taipei STRATCOM / MAAG Kinmen  70-71
Briddle, Gene USTDC Comm Center & Kinmen Comm Center 70-71
Bridgeman, Harold Edward DDS Taipei USN Hospital Dental Clinic 68-70
Bristol, George F. Tainan AB Comm Center 62-64
Bristow, Joe Taipei USTDC Hq Radioman 59-61
Britt, James CCK Base Veterinarian 74-75
Brochheuser, Robert Tainan Information Office 70-72
Brough, John (Sam) Taipei AS Radio Station and MARS 66-67
Brown, Hoyet CCK 635th CSG A/R Shop F-4s 74-75
Brown, Hoyt E. CCK C-130 Crew Chief Tail #62-1855 66-67
Brown, Jackie L. CCK C-130 Crew Chief 66-67
Brown, Robert (Brownie) Taipei AS - Comm Center 72-73
Brown, TC (Terry) CCK Air Police Town Patrol Taichung 68-70 / 71-72
Brown, William M. Tainan AB TDY w/ Top Dog 27 Civil Engineer Work 1965
Browning, Mark Taipei - Father was assigned to OSI 62-64
Browning, Tom Taipei USTDC / STRATCOM and Kaohsiung 65-66 / 68-70
Bryant, Gene Taipei NAMRU-2- Dental  70-72
Bumber, Debra Taipei STRATCOM Dau of Albert R. Philbrick 70-72
Burkley, Don Tainan AB Security Police 67-68
Bush, William A. Jr. (Bill or Billy) CCK C-130 Crew Chief 71-72
Cain, David Shu Linkou AS 57-58
Campbell, Alan Tainan AB Son of Wm Campbell Air Asia Maint QA Shop 65-67
Capone, Ronald (Ron) CCK 314th FMS Orderly Room & Aerospace Ofc 69-70
Capone, Ronald (Ron) Taipei USTDC J3 Plans and Operations 71-72
Carl, Michael W. CCK 2129th Comm Sq Telephone Outside Plant 71-72
Carl, Michael W. Taipei AS 2165 Comm Gp Telephone Outside Plant 69-70
Carl, Michael W.      CCK 1st Mobile Comm Gp, Telephone Outside Plant  68
Carl, Paul Taipei AS  2165th Comm Gp 74-75
Carlton, Ray CCK C-130 Turbo Prop Mechanic 68
Carman, Henry Roland (Jersey) Taipei Sungshan AB Dau - Rachell Carman-Winston 72-74
Carman, Walter (Lee) CCK Loadmaster 1st Sgt 21st TAS 73-75
Carman, Walter (Lee) CCK Personnel NCOIC 65-67
Carothers, Richard L. Tainan AB Chief Munitions Maintenance 74-75
Carrifee, Robert Shu Linkou AS ASA Ops 69-70
Cartagena, George L. Shu Linkou AS Signals analyst/printer operator 76
Cartee, Doug CCK Hospital Med Repair 71-72
Casey, John Shu Linkou 6987th RGM & USAFSS Actg & Fin Ofc 62-63
Casten, Richard CCK 2129 Comm Sq Comm Center 76
Catallo, Ludovico (Lou) Shu Linkou & Gold Mtn MAAG Taiwan Signal Gp 56-58
Cato, Earl Taipei AS Air Police 57-58
Cato, Earl Taipei HSA PMO Taipei Armed Service Police 67-74
Caumo, Jim Taipei AS Comm Ctr, Relay and Switch  63-65
Chamlee, Pete Shu Linkou AS Dog Flight R/T Controller (20371-MB) 69-71
Chapman, Craig J. Kaohsiung SOPA Office Birth 3 Near Fleet Landing 69-72
Chapman, Craig J. Taipei USTDC Flag Office 75-77
Chatham, Richard A. (Rich) Taipei USN Dental Clinic 59-61.
Cherry, Dale Shu Linkou AS and Taipei AS JOC Center 72-74
Chesnut, Arthur Taipei COMSEVENTHFLT Joint Ops Center (JOC) 56-58
Christian, Earl CCK 2129 Comm Sq Radar Approach Control 70-71
Christian, Harley Tainan AS Det 2 2165 Comm Sq Crypto Maint 62-63
Chung, Jung-tian (John) Taipei Area Control Center 66-73
Ciccarello, Peter Taipei Sugar Building 62-63
Claiborne, Earl L. Taipei HSA Public Works Department 76-79
Clark, Dennis STRATCOM - Grass Mountain - Illustrator 67-68
Clark, Howard CCK C-130 Pilot 72-74
Clarkson, Dale Taipei STRATCOM Microwave - Various Stations 67-69
Clay, Richard CCK Det 8, 7th Aerial Port Sq 66-67
Coffey, Doyle Comm Ctr  Where 67-68
Cohen, Mel Tainan AB Security Police "A" Flight 66-68
Coke-Kerr, Terry (Traxler) Taipei USATG 67-69
Coleman, David Taipei AS Tech Control ~ 4 Month TDY from Tokyo 1969
Collins, Howard (Tom) Shu Linkou Asg to Navy 29251 59-62
Colvin, Alan Tainan AB 65-66
Combs, Edward Jr. (Ed) (1930-2002) Taipei AS Intelligence – Daughter Tess Cook 67-70
Commander, Bobby D. (Bob) CCK Security Police 73-75
Commander, Bobby D. (Bob) Tainan AB Security 75-79
Commander, Bobby D. (Bob) Tainan AB Security Police 65-66
Como, Tom CCK 374th OMS Crew Chief C-130E 63-7864 72-73
Connealy, Donald F. (Don) CCK Account & Finance Computer Room 69-70
Conner, Don CCK Fuels Officer 71-73
Cook, Gina Tainan AB Daughter of Charles Cook 73-75
Cooke, Michael (Mike) CCK Ammo 74-77
Cooley, Leland Shu Linkou AS Air Police 65-66
Copeland, Billy D. CCK Avionics
Cornell, Denis (Denny) CCK Det 3 2165 Comm Sq ATC Opr Mob Rdr App Ctrl 68-69
Cortie, Joe USTDC Comm Ctr (Divemaster) 62-63
Costa, Russ Taipei AS Comm Ctr Crypto 70-71
Couchoud, Noel (Andy) CCK Control Tower / GCA Chief 66-67
Cousins, Patrick Tainan AB PDO and HQ Admin 70-72
Cox, Jerry L. CCK Hospital Squadron Base Dental Clinic 71-72
Cox, Ralph Shu Linkou AS AF Typewritter Repair 66-67
Cree, William Tainan AB 868th TMS 59-61
Creekmre, Roland CCK C-130 Loadmaster 50th TMS Flight Instructor 68-69
Crowder, Jim Tainan Scty Police Pass & Registration 68-71
Crowley, Ron Shu Linkou USNAVSECGRU 59-60
Crum, John (1945-2015) Taipei Grass Mountain 68-69
Culley, John Taipei AS JAG Office 73-74
Cunningham, Jerry F. CCK 314th FMS Electric Shop FL Maint C-130 ECK 67-68
Cuozzo, Marco CCK 6217th Supply Sq Fuels Spec 1 67-68
Curtis, Donald (Don) Shu Linkou AS  59-60
Dale, James P. (Jim) Taipei AS 2165 Comm Sq SSO Comm Center 74-75
Dankowski, John Courier 1959 / Teacher Taipei American School 59 /  67-2000
Dannaldson, Gary Taipei AS 327th Air Div OL-A Bamboo Mountain 68-71
Davis, Dan CCK 2129 Comm Sq Crypto/DSTE 70-71
Darlington, Danny CCK 2129th Comm Sq 75-76
Darnell, Bobby Taipei AS / Shu Linkou AS  59-63 
Davidson, Jim Ross Shu Linkou AS 74-76
Daugherty, Stephen Taipei Gold Mountain Tech Eval Program 73-75
Davies, Russ Shu Linkou AS USASA 98G 67-70
Davis, Harry Shu Linkou 6987th RSM 57-59
Davis, Jerrel CCK 72-73
Dawsey, Joe M. Tainan AB Medical Clinic Preventive Medicine. 62-63
Dawson, William Taipei USNACC Civilian (Son of) 58-60
Dean, George Taipei HSA West Compound 65-67
Dean, Paul CCK Hospital 69-72
Dean, Walter J. (Jerry) OL-AE on Lo Shan Mountain Radar Control Officer 69-70
Dees, William R. OL-A Bamboo Mountain Air Defense Ops Team 74-75
DeForest, Gene CCK 314th TAW Command Post / 776 TAS Operations 69-71
Demko, George (Deuce) Tainan AB 868th Tac Msl Sq Launch Team B 58-59
Derrick, Sam Taipei AS Comm Ctr TDY from Clark GEEIA 68-69
Detlev Barann Tainan AB NAF Naha, Det Tango 72-75
DeVoll, James R. CCK 374th TAW Aircraft Maintenance Analyst 72-74
DiBartolomeo Jr. Anthony (Tony) Shu Linkou AS Supply Whse down St from Chow Hall 67-68
DiEgidio, Stephan CCK 18th TFW Egress Shop F-4Cs 74-75
Dietz, David (Dave) CCK Post Office USAFPCSOL13AE 73-74
Dinkins, William Taipei AS 2165th Comm Sq 67-68
DiPsa, John Taipei American School Pers Ofc/Dependent Schools 70-76
Ditsworth, Charles A. (Chuck) Tainan AS Ground Power Shop 60-61
Dixon, David Taipei Comm Center 71-73
Dohoney, Joseph (Joe) OL-A Bamboo Mountain 69-71
Dolan, Kerry B. Taichung MAAG - Son of LTC Michael J. Dolan USA 60-62
Donahue Michael (Mike) Kaohsiung ASA Radio Direction Finding Site 68-69
Donegan (Muller), Ida Taipei AFNT (before EC-27 ) Radio Taiwan Early 1950s
Doonan, Dan Taipei AS Joint Operations Center 59-60
Doyle, Milt Taipei AS  Post Office 71-72 
Draper, Kent R. CCK 314th FMS AGE Shop 67-68
Drdla, Charles CCK 374 AMS Nav/Radar Shop 70-74
Dube, George Taipei Sung Shan - Air Traffic Control  71-72
Durk, Walter CCK CES Squadron SAC 68-69
Duquette, Mike (Duke) Tainan AB 2128 Comm Sq 29353 Radio Operator 72-73
Dwyer, Jim CCK C-130 Navigator 71-73
Dye, William (Bill) CCK Personnel Shop 66-67
Eberdard, Mike Taipei Veterinary Sercices - Whole Island of Taiwan 67-70 / 75-77
Eddie, Richard (Rick) Taipei USTDC Comm Center 71-73
Edwards, Barry Taipei Army MAAG Compound Xinyi Road 73-74
Edwards Jr., George Shu Linkou Son of George Edwards Sr. 6987 Cryptologist 56-63
Edwards, Chuck Taipei AS - Son of CWO Edwards 2165 Comm Sq 67-69
Edwon, Ronnie (Ron) CCK C-130 Wheel and Tire Shop 67-68
Eisen, Richard Tainan AB Civil Engineering Admin 59-63
Eisen, Richard Taipei AS JOC Special Ops 57-58
Ellinger, Scott Taipei AIT Army Programs 2009-13
Elson, Paul Taipei AS at Sungshan Air Traffic Ctl/Radar Rm 66-67
Engleson, Ken Taipei AS 2165th Comm Sq Switch and Comm Ctr 67-68
English, Dennis Tainan AB & Makung 2128 Comm Sq Gnd Radio 72-73
Escribano-Guzman, Arnaz  Taipei AS Comm Center 65-66
Everling, David Security Police  Where 73-74
Fagin, Frederick L. (Fred) Shu Linkou 176th USASASOU 59-62
Farrar, John W. CCK CBPO Machine Accounting Office 69-71
Farrar, Mike CCK C-130 Hydraulics Shop 1970
Fason, Billy CCK C-130 Crew Chief 71-72
Fedolak, Bohdan (Bo) Tainan AB 2128 Comm Sq Telephone Inside Plant 70-74
Felknor, Homer Tainan AS 868th Tactical Missile Sq 60-61
Ferretjans, Geege Makung Island Radar Operator 72-73
Ferris, Roger Shu Linkou AS 6987th 68-70
Fetridge, Guild Tainan AB 868th Tac Missile Sq Armament Section 57-60
Fielding, Charles T. Tainan AB 2128th Comm Sq Telephone Section 71-73
Fields, Larry Taipei Grass Mountain 77-79
Fisher, Charles CCK 314 FMS Machine Shop 67-68
Fitzpatrick, Tom Taipei AS 327th AD Information Office 68-71
Flanagan, Rian CCK Det 3 2165th Comm Sq 67-68
Flannery, Paul Shu Linkou 57-58
Flasco, Mike (Flash) Shu Linkou AS USAFSS Morse Intercept (Ditty-Bop) 73-75
Fleharty, Stephen T. CCK Travel Accounting Finance Office 66-68
Fontaine, Chuck Taipei AS Post Office 68-69
Fontaine, Robin Taipei AS Dau of Richard Font 73-75
Fortson, Alvin Tainan AS Air Police Town Patrol 60-61
Foskey, John MAAG Taipei - Son of John Foskey 60s
Foster, Charles CCK and USTDC 66-68
Foster, Harry Thomas CCK Fuel Specialist 71-72 
France, Joseph (1932-1997) Taichung MAAG TMA Supv Repair of Vehicles fr SEA Son Tim France 69-71
Fountain, Nadine A. Shu Linkou AS Computer Operations 72-73
Frandino, Vince Tainan AB USAF Hospital 72-74
Frederick, John J. (Jack) CCK Finance Tvl Pay and Payroll Delivery to SEA 66-67
Frederick, John J. (Jack) Tainan AB Finance Office Disbursing Agent 70-72
Fricke, Roy Hou Kung Shu Linkou and CCK 66-67  / 74-75
Friedauer, Emil (Max) CCK 66-70 / 73
Friedauer, Max CCK C-130 Navagator 66-67 / 1973
Frost, Lucky L. CCK Fire Department
Fry, David CCK LOX section (Cryogenics) 66-67
Fuller, Stanley CCK Base Supply Receiving 70-72
Gaines (Strange) Elizabeth Tainan / Taichung - Daughter of Jack Strange 65-68
Gallagher, Joseph (Joe) CCK Pneudraulics Technicial (Hydraulics) C-130 E 70-71
Garbe, Steve CCK 6214th Air Base Gp Motor Pool 76-77
Gardner, Sam CCK Transportation/LGTM 72-74
Gately, Jerome F. (Jerry) Ping Tung & Hsin Chu USMC VMF 451 & 323 58-59
Gensler, Ron Taipei AS Radio Relay and Shihmen 63-65
George, David Taipei USACC Comm Center 1976
George, James (Jim) CCK 314th Training 70-71
Gerlach, Victor CCK CBPO / USTDC J-12 67-69 / 74-75
Giefer, George Makung Penghu Island 58-60
Gilbert, John Taipei DCSOPS Hq MAAG MND Building 61-64
Gillis, Daniel (Dan) Taipei USTDC J-6 (Comm Center) 67-68
Gilmore, Patrick Taipei ATF 13 Provost Sergeant 57-58
Giorgianni. Mike Tainan AB 6214th MMS 73-75
Glover, James A. Taipei APO 96263 65-66
Gockel, Craig J. Taipei Finance Office Army Class B Agent 72-73
Godfrey, William R. (Randy) Taipei AS 2165th Comm Sq Radio Opr & MARS Opr 70-72
Goll, Sam CCK C-130 Asst Crew Chief 70-72
Gong, Terry Taipei AS - Son of TSgt Herbert K. Gong  70-72
Gonzales, Daniel Tainan Fire Department 59-60
Goodman. Ron Security Police - Where 70-71
Goodrow, Richard Taipei AS Air Operations Center 72-75
Gottl, Erich CCK 4 Month TDY from Kadena Wpns Release Shop 74-75
Gove, Charles  Taichung USARSCAT 63-64
Gove, Charles  Taipei USASTRATCOM –7 Star 64-65
Graham. Robert (Bob) CCK Supply NORS Control 71-72
Graves, Robyn W. Taipei AS Comm Center 71-72
Gray, Bill Tainan AS TDY fm Osan 311th Ftr Bomb Sq F-86F Acft 56-57
Greig, Richard E. (Rick) Taipei USTDC Command Center 72-74
Griffin, Jim Taipei AS Teletype Maintenance 67-68
Griffith, Barry CCK TMO returned 1979 to Close Down CCK 76-78 / 79
Grinnell, Whitney C.  CCK C-130 Mechanic/Tow Team 66-67
Grinstead, Robert ( Bob) Taipei AS Crypto Maintenance 70-71
Guinane, Dennis CCK C-130 Crew Chief 69-70
Gustwiller, Leonard J. Taipei Grass Mtn STRATCOM Teletype Maint 69-71
Halberg, Jerry CCK Base Police Taichung Town Patrol TAFB 70-74
Hall, Phil Tainan AB Cryogenics 70-72
Hallman, William (Bill) CCK C-130 Mechanic 67-69
Halton, Joseph P. (Pat) Son of J.J. Halton USN Mgr Kaohsiung EM Club 60-63
Hammett, George Makung Island Op Loc AB Sad Poker ADOT 73-74
Hand, John Taipei HSA Disp & USN Hosp - Dau Joyce Hand DeChenne 58-60 / 66-68
Harris, Gary CCK Aircraft Electronics C-141's 70-71
Harris, John Shu Linkou Traffic Anlys 76 USASA Spec Ops Unit 64-66
Harris, Lewis (Ray) Kaohsiung HSA Det Interpreter/Investigator 69-71
Harris, Lewis (Ray) Taipei AFNT & NIS 76-78
Harris, Lewis (Ray) Taipei AS Supply 60-64
Harvison Jr., Jimmy (JJ) Taipei AS Security Police 73-75
Hash, William Tainan AB Inventory Control Mgr 63-66
Hash, William Taipei AS Supply and Tool Issue 60-61
Hayes, Dean Tainan AB Logistics 72-74
Hayes, Ronald M. CCK Accounting and Finance Office 69-70
Heberlein, John Shu Linkou TT Maint Until Base Closed down 75-77
Heffern, Roy W. CCK Aircraft Instrument Repair 69-70
Helton, Robert  MD MAAG Taipei Flight Surgeon 56-57
Henderson, Dave Tainan AB Fire Dept 64-65
Hendrickx, Stephen Shu Linkou Comm Det Teletype Maintenance 67-69
Herbst, Dave CCK 6217th USAF Hospital - Medic 67-68
Herren, Kenny H. (Ken) CCK 2129th Comm Sq Radio Relay Repairman 71-72
Hester, David Son of Walter R & Donna M Hester Taipei AS 6213th Support Sq Personnel Office 59-61
Hicks, Sr., Bill Shu Linkou AS and Taichung STRATCOM 58-60
Hinkel, Wayne Taipei AS Admin Specialist AOC 68-73
Hirte, Eugene CCK Fire Department 69-74
Hirte, Eugene Tainan AB Fire Dept 66-67
Hodgson, Jim CCK 374th FMS Jet Engine Shop 72-73
Hoffman, Bernard (Butch) CCK 314th /374th AMS Doppler 70-73
Hogan, Thomas (Tom) CCK 4220th ARS SAC Command Post 69-70
Holden Michael D. (1950-2012) CCK Unknown Unit worked in Admin 72-74
Holthe, Per Taipei AS Illustrator 69-71
Hood, Milton Tainan AB Det 2, 2165 Comm Sq and O' Lan Pi 62-63
Hornbeck, Jack Taipei AS Shihmen Tac Radio 66-69
Hosier, Jerry Shu Linkou AS Teletype/Ground Radio Repair 72-73
Houchin, Arnold (John) Taipei HSA/PMO Assistant Provost Marshal 74-76
House, Ira MAAG Taipei in the Sugar Building 55-57
Houston, James C. Jr. (Jim) CCK C-130 Loadmaster 776TAS 68-69
Hu, Tony Taipei American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) 07-11
Hubner, John Taipei NAMRU-2 71-75
Huddleston, Frazier (Hud) Shu Linkou AS Chinese Linguist USAFSS Ops 66-68
Huff, Dennis  Taipei AS (TDY) Comm Sq and Radio Comm Site 69-70
Huffaker, Doug CCK 6217th Security Police Sq 69-71
Huffaker, Terry Shu Linkou AS 76th SOU (TA) 62 - 64
Humphrey, Gerry L. Kuan Kuan AB (CCK) 6217th Trans Sq 66-67
Hurst, John Taipei AS and Taoyuan AB 71-74
Hutcheson, Albert CCK C-130 Fuel Systems 65-67
Hutchins, John W. CCK 345th TAS C-130 Loadmaster 66
Hyden, Gene Taipei ATF13(P) Intelligence (Indications Center)
Iwanski, Thomas (Tom) Taipei AS Crypto Maintenance 64-65
Jackett, Eugene (Gene) CCK 2129th Comm Sq GCA/Tower Operator 70-71
Jackson, Jay D. Taipei AS Teletype Maintenance 65-67 / 75-76
Jackson, Len Taipei AS Base Comm Center 67-68
Jackson, Leo Taipei Sung Shan Air Base 67-68
Jackson, Walter MAAG Taipei  HSA 68-69 / 73
Jacobs, Steven Taipei Armed Services Police (HSA/PMO) 72-75
Jarc, Victor Taipei AS 64-65
Jauregui, Moses Taipei AS Base Chapel 62-63
Jelinek, John R. Tainan AB Security Police 66-68
Johnson, Bill Taipei AS JAG Office 68-69
Johnson, David CCK Base Security / Security Police 67-69
Johnson, Luke CCK Bomb Dump 74-77
Johnson, Scott CCK Armed Forces Radio AFNT-CCK 70-74
Johnson, Warner (Budd) CCK C-130 FMS A/R Shop 69-71 / 73-75
Johnson, William S. (Bill) CCK Hospital 74-75
Jones, Douglas E. (Doug) Tainan AB 868th Tac Missile Sq Radar Maint and Missile Guide Ops; Mt Top & Penghu Island 59-60
Jones, Glen Taipei USASTRATCOM Grass Mountain 77-79
Jones, James Tainan AS Det. 2 2165th Comm Sq Orderly Room 61-62
Jones, Tom Taipei MAAG Taiwan Provisional Signal Detachment & MAAG Advisory Team Matsu 57-58
Jonovich, James Taipei AS Tainan AB Comm Sq 62-63
Jordan, Jack (JJ) CCK Security Police 74-75
Kanenchen, Richard D Taipei AS ATF 13(P) Hq Sq Pers Svc Ofc & Spc Svcs 54-55
Kardas, Julian Taipei AS Supply & 327AD Disaster Preparedness 70-75
Karschner, Wayne CCK Transit Alert 72-73
Keefe, Edward (Ed) Taipei AS Comm Center and Shimen 62-63
Kehl, Larry G. CCK 314th/374th AMS Radar/Nav Shop 70-72 / 73
Kehl, Larry G. CCK 405th AMS Nav Shop 74
Kenyon, Robert (Bob) US Navy MAAG Taichung 67-68
Kerlin, Benny CCK C-130 Loadmaster 69-73
Kimmel, David CCK Instrument Systems Tech 72-73
Kirkland, Thomas Taipei USTDC Crypto Courier 55-56
Kirsch, M. Andy CCK C-130 Engine Mechanic 65-66
Klass, Richard Makung 868 TMS Ground Support 61-62
Kling, Bill Grass Mountain Tech Control 73-79
Klink, Joseph (Joe) Taipei Sungshan TPhone Plant TDY w/1st MOB Gp 69
Knighton, Gary (Yogi) Shu Linkou AS 6987th Radio Squadron 61-63
Kohler, Harry CCK Supply ??
Koon, Robert Davis (1937-2012) Taipei AS 2165th Comm Sq – Daughter Tami Boyle 60-62 68-71
Kopp, Thomas Tainan AB Security Police 73-74
Koppelman, Clifford Shu Linkou AS 57-58
Kovach, Jonh J. CCK 2129th Comm Sq - Ground NAVAIDS 72-75
Koztecki, John Taipei AS 327th AD/DCCM 70-72
Kraft, Gordon H. Taipei AS Crypto Maintenance 64-67
Kring, Scott Taipei Grass Mountain DCS FAC (Autovon) 73-75
Krueger, Jim Shu Linkou AS Crypto Maintenance 67-68
Krzykowski, Mike CCK Civil Engineering Squadron 74-75
Kuftic, John T. (Tom) Tainan AS Security Policeman 64-65
Kuhn, Jeff Shu Linkou AS 8987th RGM 61-63
Lacefield, Roger D. CCK 314th FMS Jet Engine Shop 64-66
Lafko, Bruce CCK C-130 Pilot 70-73
Lamacchia, Tony Taipei AS 74-76
Lames. Larry CCK Did WAPS Testing 70-71
Landry, Tom USTDC 76-78
Lane, George Taipei Grass Mountain (TDY from Okinawa) 1974
Langley, Orrin K.  Taipei AS Special Services 73-74
Lachapelle, Joel M. Tainan AS 2165 Comm Sq Det Teletype Maint 65-66
Lauber, Paul CCK Flight Surgeon 68-70
Lawson, Errol Taipei AS Comm Sq 1073
Ledbetter, Gene Taipei AS Comm Sq 71-74
Lee, A. Taipei MAAG where my Father worked 67-59
LeGare, Anne ~ née Peterson Tainan AB USAF Rep Air Asia ~ Father Lorrin Peterson 59-62
Lenner, Lou Ann Tsoying - I attended Stephen B. Luce School 67-68
Levin, Bernard H. (Bud) Shu Linkou 76th ASA Sou 62-64
Lewis, Larry CCK FMS Mechanical Accessories Shop 67-68
Lewellen, Michael Shu Linkou LCM Traffic Analysis 70-72
Leitenberger, Walt (Leity) CCK 376 TAS Crew Chief C-130 #1800 68-69
Liles, Tom Tainan AB Civil Engineers 68-69
Lindell, Russ Taipei STRATCOM Joint Overseas Switch Board 67-69
Lingerfelt Sr., Larry R. Taipei MAAG Army Section Logistics Div 62-63
Lingerfelt Sr., Larry R. Matsu Island MAAG Army Section Logistics Div 63-63
Lingerfelt Sr., Larry R. Taipei MAAG Army Section Logistics Div 63-64
Lingerfelt Sr., Larry R. Taipei MAAG Ofc of Chief Army Section 66-67
Little, Walter J. Taipei MAAG Gold Mountain 60-62
Livingston, Jim (James) Ping Tung & Hsin Chu USMC VMF 451 58-59
Loescher, George A. CCK on TDY from Kadena 400th Missile Maint Sq 72-73
Loescher, George A. CCK on PCS NCOIC Missile Maintenance for F-4s 74-76
Lusk, James (Jim) Tainan AS Construction A Co, 802nd Eng Btn US Army 57-59
Lynch, Don  Taipei AS / Shu Linkou AS 56-57/ 60-61/ 61-63
Mac Dowell, Richard Tainan AB Fire Dept 73-74
MacDonald, Michael Tainan AS Food Service 68-70
Madere, Bertram (Bert) Taipei AFNT Sugar Building & Scoutmaster Troop 95 62-63
Mahan, Robert (Bob) Tainan AB Security Police 72-74
Mahoney, James (Jim) Tainan AB Son of James Mahoney Scty Police 58-60
Maier, Alex (Sandy) CCK 50th TCS C-130 AC 66-67
Maines, Tommy E. Taipei (Grass Mountain) USASTRATCOM LL Bn 69-70
Maines, Tommy E. Tsoying USASTRATCOM LL Bn 70-71
Mancini, John R. CCK Pilot C-130E 72-73
Manning, R.T. Lung Tang MAAG Army Special Forces 70-72
Marable, Ivery L   Tainan AB Admin (MMS, CES, SPS) 68-70 / 72-74
Markley, William CCK 345th TAS Loadmaster 67-68
Martin, Bill Shu Linkou AS  63-67 / 70-75
Martin, Chester CCK TDY Clark's 405th Avion Maint Wpns Ctrl F-4s 73-74
Martin, Henry (Hank) Taipei AS Air Operations Center 73-74
Martin, Richard G. (Spike) CCK 405th FMS Rep & Reclamation Shop TDY fm Clark 73-74
Martinez, George Taipei AS Teletype Maintenance 65-69
Martinez, Raymond (Marti) CCK Munitions Inspection 73-74
Massel, Howard CCK 445th TAS Admin Shop 71-73
Mathieu, Kent Taipei AS Personnel Office Comm Sq 65-68
McAfoose, William (Don) Taipei Armed Services Police (HSA/PMO) 68-75
McCaffrey, Mike Tainan AS 61-63
McComb, David Taipei AS MARS Station SSB 66-70
McGreevey, Terry (Mack) CCK CBPO Machine Room 69-70
McKay, Thomas (TMac) Taipei AS Crypto Maintenance 72-73
McLaughlin, Ellie B. (1950-1992) Taipei AS Base Comm Center 72-75
McNaughton, Duncan   Kaohsiung STRATCOM Comm Site       . 70-75
McNeill, James C. (Mac) Tainan AB Security Police 73-74
McNelis, Dennis USTDC Army Security Agcy 73-74
McNemar, John P. CCK 374th AMS Instruments 72-73
Mears, Ken Taipei AS Secure Switchboard AOC Comm Center 73-74
Mehrtens, Fred CCK 314th TAW Jet Engine Shop and Flight-line 68-69 / 71-72
Meiners, William (Bill) (Cowboy) Taipei AS Communications Cave 69-70
Melrose, Larry G. (Mel) CCK 314th OMS 66-67
Mendoza, Eric A. Taipei APO 96263 65-66
Merkel, Charles Kangshan Air Training Command Advisory Team 60-61
Merkel, Charles San Tio Chiao Cmbt Air Cmd Advis Tm - Control Rpt Post 55-57
Merkel, Charles Shimen Cmbt Air Cmd Advis Team - Control Reporting Ctr 58-59
Merrow, Jackie Taipei AS - Husband was Cdr of 2165 Comm Sq 68-70
Messersmith, Richard Taipei AS AFOSI District 49 74-80
Michel, Larry Tainan AS NAF Naha with Duty Station Det Tango 68-70
Mikulicz, Russ CCK 6217th Supply Sq 70-72
Miller, Charles Taipei AS Security Police 71-73
Miller, Joseph Shu Linkou AS NSG 63-64
Miller, Paul R. CCK 374th OMS 72-73
Millette, Gary CCK Base Level Computer Operations 74-75
Millette, Gary Shu Linkou Radio Intercept Analyst 71-72
Mills, Lonnie Taipei AS MARS Station  60-62
Minton, Horace A. Taipei AS 2165th Comm Sq Supply 66-67
Money, Raymond CCK Finance Travel Section 71-72
Monroe, George  MD Taipei US Naval Hospital - Pediatrician 68-70
Montelbano, Tom Taipei USTDC NSGA Comm Center 68-69
Moody, Dennis CCK C-130 Crew Chief ??
Moon, Maxwell (Max) Taipei AS Personnel Office 67-68
Moon, Talmage Taipei MAAG and TDC Comm Center and Matsu Island 62-63
Moore, Michael  Taipei AS - Son of James Moore 71-73
Moreland, James Taipei HSA PMO 72-75
Moreno, William (Will) Taipei STRATCOM LLL Btn Grass Mt Major Relay 68-71
Morke, Gary CCK 374th AMS Radar 71-72
Morris, John CCK Hospital Surgery Tech 68-69
Morrison, Gregory Lew Taipei STRATCOM QMS Supply 70-71
Morrison, Pat Taipei AS Weapons Control Officer AOC 69-71
Moss, William (Bill) (Red Dog) Tainan AB - NAF Naha Okinawa, Detachment Tango 69-73
Mosteller Jr., Dennis CCK Trans Sq Refueling Maintenance 73-74
Moulder, Davis Earl CCK 314th FMS Jet Engine Mechanic 67-68
Mountain, Richard CCK 6217th USAF Hospital Dental Clinic 69-73
Moye, Jack CCK Veterinary Services 71-73
Moye, Jack Taichung Det 1, 327th Air Div Veterinary Services 68-70
Moye, Jack Tainan AB Veterinary Services 67-68
Murray, Ronald CCK Comm Sq 66-67
Musto, Nicholas Tainan AB Fire Department 67-68
Narmore, Clint Taipei AS Crypto Repair and Maintenance 64-65
Neff, Gary J. Taipei MAAG STRATCOM and MDCAT Kinmen 59-62
Nelinger, Ron Tainan Comm Ground Radio Maintenance 62-63
Nelson, Glenis (Radar) Shu Linkou AS Navy 70-72
Nelson, Jim Tainan AS US Army Soldier construction of Tainan AB 58
Newton, Paul (Jay) Lo Shan Mountain USACC 74-75
Nicholas, Richard Taipei HSA Public Works 63-65
Nichols, Robert W. Taipei AS Crypto Maintenance 64-67
Nickell, Naaman Taipei AS ATF 13(P) Intelligence 58-62
Nierode, Edward CCK 374 OMS Crew Chief 72-73
Nixon, Fred CCK SAC Air to Ground Communications Bravo Net 68-69
Nodecker, Arthur (Art) Taipei AS Civil Engineer Office 70-71
Norton, Tommy CCK 374 OMS Crew Chief C-130 71-74
Obermeier, Kurt CCK STRATCOM Microwave Tower 77-78
Obrien, Garie (Obie) Shu Linkou AS USAFSS 294 Analyst 66-68
O'Connor, Michael Tainan AB 2165th Comm Detachment 61-62
O'Neil, Donald S. Taipei MAAG SJA - son Rory O'Neil 67-69
Ortiz, Michael USTDC Print Shop 73-75
Owens, Don CCK C-130 Engine Mechanic 66-67
Pace, John CCK Armed Forces Radio AFNT 69-70
Paden, William (Bill) Taipei STRATCOM Grass Mountain Teletype Repair 67-69
Paparazo Carl Shu Linkou 2nd Missle Btn 71st Arty 58-59
Parsons, Thomas E. CCK 314th FMS Engine Shop 67-68
Parsons, Thomas E. Taipei Det 1 13th AF CACC Flight Clearance Ctr 78-79
Patrick. Melvin Tainan AB 6214th Air Police Sq 62-64
Payne, Jack Jr. Ping Tung AB USMC VMF-451 58-59
Peacock, Steve Taipei AS Communications 73-75
Peck, Duane Makung Island Radar Intercept Technician 71-72
Peissig, Al CCK Supply 73-75
Penn, Paul R. Taipei MAAG Comm Center in Sugar Bldg with TDYs at Kinmen Island Defense Advisory Team 57-59
Peoples, L. John CCK 314th FMS C-130 Engine Shop 68-69
Perceful, Donald USS Orlectk, USN 58
Perez-Guzman, Jose E. Taipei STRATCOM Grass & Bamboo Mountain 71-74
Perkins, John CCK Hospital Dental Admin 73-74
Perry, David L. CCK 314th & 374th AMS Doppler 70-71
Perry, Floyd L. Taipei HSA East Compound STRATCOM Motor Pool 66-68
Peru, Robert J.F. Taipei AS 327th AD Air Ops Center Air Def Tech 67-68
Peterson, Alan Taipei AS 2165 Comm Sq Morning Rpt & Fin Clerk 62-63
Peterson, Dennis  CCK & Taipei AS Flight Ops 68-69 / 70-73
Peterson, Roger Taipei AS Teletype Maintenance 66-68
Petretta, James (Jim) Taipei USACC Gold & Grass Mt Radio Tty MARS NCO 74-75
Pfranger, Del Taipei AS ComSeventh Flt Det Alfa, US Taiwan JOC 59-62
Phillips, Bob Tainan AB Comm Sq 69-73
Phillips. Wade Tainan Scty Police Taipei HSA PMO Scty Police 72-72 / 77-78
Phipps, Mark Taipei AS 2165 Comm Sq Crypto 68-69
Piersa, Larry CCK CBPO (Personnel) 71-74
Plaza, John CCK Navigational Aids - TDY from Minot AFB 68
Pleasants, Richard (Rich) Taipei AS Telephone Shop 66-67
Plonk, George CCK C-130 Propeller Shop 69-70
Poirier, Kenneth (Ken) CCK Fuels Amphibious boat operator at Fuel Buoy 68-70
Polulak, Mike (Mickey) CCK Supply PACAM Section 68-70
Pornaras, Robert A. (Bob) Taipei USTDC J-6 Maintenance 69-71
Pottgether, Marty Tainan AB 6214th Sp Gp Operation Seaweed 59-60
Potts, Larry CCK 374th TAW Intel 73-74
Potts, Joseph Shu Linkou AS AF 62-63
Price, Jesse Tainan AB Security Police 68-69
Price, Robert D. CCK Accounting & Finance Management Analyst 70-72
Pritt, James L. Taipei AS ~ Base Comm Center 67-69
Provencher, Arthur (Art) Tainan AS NAF Naha with Duty Stn Det Tango 68-70
Quarles, Ted Taipei AS Civil Engineers Water Plant 67-69
Quinn, John Taipei USTDC J-6 Comm Center 63-64 / 66-68
Radwanski, Ed CCK RMT on the SAC 135 aircraft 68-69
Rafalski, Mike Taichung Town Patrol LE Security Police at CCK 72-73
Ragan, Ron Taichung MAAG - Father CWO Ronald Ragan  62-66
Rahe, Harold CCK 314th Hydro Shop  67-68
Ramsey, Roger A. Kaohsiung NEX E.M. Sea Dragon Club Manager 64-66
Rance, Steve Wendolph Taipei AS 2165 Comm Sq Orderly Room 69-74
Randolph, Alvin Shu Linkou Father also worked SLK NCO Club 67-70
Rathoff, Robert B. Taipei AS, Air Ops Center 68-70
Reardon, Mike Taipei AS Bamboo Mountain 72-73
Reed, Larry CCK 776th TAS C-130 Loadmaster 72-73
Reed, Thomas B. (Tom) Tainan AB Security Police 70-72
Reese, William (Bill) (1951-2019) Tainan AB Security Police K-9 70-73
Reeves, George (Bud) Tainan AS 67th TAC Hosp at Tainan Catholic Hosp 58
Reeves, Tommy Taipei HQ Support Activity 62-64
Rekas, Russell Tainan AB Naval Facility Det Tango 72-75
Rekas, Russell Taipei HSA Commissary Store 67-69
Reynolds, Gary Taipei AS MARS Station  67-69
Rice, Gerald CCK 314 AMS Avionics/Doppler 69-72
Riley, Patrick Shu Linkou AS Ditty-Bop Able Flight 67-68
Risinger, Amos W. MAAG Taiwan Army Signal Comm Eng Agcy 54-56
Ritche, Phillip CCK 314th OMS 70-71
Rivera, Harry CCK C-130 Loadmaster 72-73
Robinson, Johnny Shu Linkou 6987th 1958
Rodriguez, Raul (1944-2015) Taipei STRATCOM LL BN Grass Mtn Illustrator 68-69
Rodriguez, Ron Tainan AB AFNT DJ "Ron Sherwood" 66-67
Rodriguez, Ron Tainan AB Scty Police Gun Room / Pass & ID 66-67
Rogers, Charles CCK Supply Sq PACAM Section 68-70
Rose, Stuart Taipei MAAG MDCAT Matsu Island  60-62
Rosenthal, Charles (Charley) Tainan AB Civil Engineers 71-72 
Rossley, David A. Kung Kuan~CCK 314th TCW Chief of Maint Ofc 65/67
Rote, Bernard T. Taipei AS 2165th Comm Sq Crypto Maint 67-69
Roy, James Taipei AS and Tainan AB 59-61 / 63-64
Roysden, Hank Taipei AS Aide to 327th Air Division Commander 68-70
Rubin, Allan Shu Linkou 76th ASA Sou Trick 4 64-66
Rudd II., Marvin P. Tainan AB Security Police 68-69
Ruiz, John Tainan AB & Kung Kuan AB Base Fuel Mgmt 65-66
Ruiz, John CCK Base Fuel Management Terminal Account 67-72
Rushing, Bruce Chiayi AB - Father SSgt Donald Rushing Supply 66-67
Russ, James (Jim) Taipei AS Finance Office Cashier 68-69
Russell, Lawrence W. Taipei AS Det 1, 13th Air Force JOC 62-65
Ryan, Ted Taipei AS Lawyer at Legal Office 66-68
Rychlik, Richard CCK 345th TAS Crew Chief C-130 Tail 62-1859 68-69
Sain, Steven D. CCK Base Fire Department 71-72
Salter, Derwin L. (Lee) Taipei AFNT Radio 69-72
Sandonato, Frank Taipei AS MARS SSB Radio Ops Project Turnkey 66-67
Sawyer, Wayne Taipei MAAG Comm Center at the Sugar Building 55-56
Scarborough, Robert (Bob) Taipei Grass Mountain USACC 68-69
Schauss, Jerry Taipei-MAAG MDCAT Matsu Island Army Comm 69-71
Schilling, Donald (Don) Taipei AS Base Engineer's Office 58-59
Schleife, Dave Taipei AS 2165 Comm Sq Radio Opr 66-68
Schmidt, Clifford Shu Linkou AS 67-68
Schmidt, Gary CCK 6217th Supply Sq 68-70
Schmidt, Tom Taipei AS Ground Radio Maint P-31 71-73
Schneider, Burt Taipei OIC of AFNT Radio - Grass Mountain 67-69
Schott, James (Jim) Taipei AS Crypto 69-71
Scribner, Charles R. Tainan AS Accounting and Finance 62-63
Seawright, Rick Tainan AB 2128th Comm Sq Radio Maintenance 70-71
Segall, Steve Taipei MAAG TME Microwave 74-76
Seiberling, Jim Shu Linkou AS Ditty Bopper “B”Trick 64-65
Semmerling, Jerry  CCK F-4 Gun Shop 74-75
Sercer, Mike CCK AFNT Radio 71-73
Shaw, George Tainan AS Air Police 64-65
Shelton, Bill CCK 374th 21st Special Projects Unit 72-73
Sherman, Harry Tainan AB Det 1, 405th Fighter Wing Cmd Post 68-70
Shirley-Chaddick, Verla Taipei American School Faculty 66-69
Shonesy, Mike Taipei MAAG Message Center 68-70
Shorey, Michael Shu Linkou Dining Facility Cook 68-69
Short, Charley Solberg, Ron 65-66
Shrontz, Michael (Mike) Taipei AS OSI - AFSSO 73-74
Simi, Michael (Mike) CCK 314th OMS Crew Chief 62-0363 67-68
Simmons, Boyd Shu Linkou HAS 67-68
Sims, Shepherd CCK Administrative 72-73
Sitgreaves, Bob CCK USAF Hospital / jointed US Navy until retired 67-68
Skelton, Jack CCK 314th & 374 Flt Line Maintenance in Engine AFSC 68-73
Slater, Rick Tainan AB Security Police / 6 mos TDY at CCK  72-74
Sleigh, Larry B. (Duke) Tainan AB Fire Department 74-75
Smaha, Micheal (Sam) Shu Linkou 292xx Able Flight 68-69
Small, Sam CCK Fire Department 75-76
Small, Sam Shu Linkou AS 72-73
Smith, Alan CCK 314th TAW Headquarters 68-69
Smith, Charles W. Jr. CCK 374 AMS Instruments 71-73
Smith, Chuck (Surf) Shu Linkou AS Able Flight, X-1 66-68
Smith, David Taipei AS 2165th Comm Sq Teletype Maint 69-73
Smith, Frank L. (Smitty) Taipei Taiwan Motors (Ford Motor Garage) Oversaw Maintenance of US Govt Vehicles 61-62
Smith, Harry V. CCK C-130 Aircraft Radio Repair 79-81
Smith, Michael (Mike) CCK 776th TAS Crew Chief 67-68
Smith, Monte Tainan AB Air Police 60-61
Smith, Steve Tainan AB Security Police 69-70
Snedegar, Ray CCK 345th TAS Loadmaster 68-69
Solberg, Ron CCK Sheet Metal Shop Structural Repairman 69-70
Sommers, Kerry M. USACC at Tainan AB, Kaohsiung and Taipei 75-78
Spath III., Louis F. Taipei AS Comm Sq Crypto Maintenance 65-66
Spohn, Clarence CCK Supply Squadron 68-71
Sprague, Michael CCK C-130 Phase Hanger 314th 69-71
Stack, Joseph (Jerry) Tainan AB 57-59
Stambaush, Richard L. (Dick) Tainan AB Air Police 65-66
Stamey, Robert (Lee) Tainan AB Air Police 62-63
Steele, Richard (Rick) Taipei AS Songshan Airport Flight Operations 68-70
Steinhofer, Gerard (Jerry) Tainan AB Transportation Sq Freight Sec 69-72
Stelter, Terry CCK Son of Maj Ronald W. Stelter C-130 Pilot - perished in crash 2 Oct 1970 flight TPE to CCK 1970
Stephens, Johnny P. Shu Linkou AS 68-70
Stewart, John Taipei AS 2165th Comm Sq Radio Relay 67-68
Stratton, Ronald (Red) Shu Linkou AB Finance and Accounting 71-74
Straub, John W. Tainan AB Base Fire Department 75
Sturgill, Tony Shu Linkou AS B-Flight as 29251 67-68
Sullivan, Larry Taipei HSA Naval Hospital 66-68
Swiatkiewicz, Edmund (Ed) (Ski) Tainan AB Security Police K-9 (Nick) 72-73
Swymer, Kevin CCK OMS Headquarters 71-74
Sylvester, David Taipei USTDC J-3 74-76
Sylvester, Delano Shu Linkou 6925 Radio Gp Mbl 55-56
Tabor, Gerry Tainan AB 6214th Air Police Sq 61-62
Taft, Gerald CCK 6317th CES 67-69
Talley, Alan J. CCK Hospital, Chief Laboratory Services 71-72
Tatspaugh, John CCK FMS Sq. 70-72
Taylor, James (Jim) Tainan AB Security Police 73-74
Taylor, John CCK Food Svc, AFNT Radio, Chapel Coffee House 68-70
Thompson, Richard Taipei AS Det 1, 13th Air Force Intelligence 59-60
Thurber, Dave CCK C-130 Crew Chief 71-72
Thurman, Marvin CCK CBPO (Personnel) 74-75
Thurston, Robert CCK Jet Engine Shop 66-67
Tinsley, Robert Tainan 62-63
Todd, Richard CCK C-130 Pilot 70-72
Tomasik, Leonard Taipei AS Security Police 70-74
Tormey, Lawrence Shu Linkou 176 USASACO Watch Officer 56-57
Trzebiatowski, Roger G. Tainan AB 6214th and CCK AB 374th Scty Police 72-73
Turner, Gene Army Ops    Where? 66-69
Turner, James M. CCK CBPO (Personnel) 66-67
Turner, John Tainan AB Fire Dept 67-69
Tutt, Steven H. CCK TDY from Kadena Okinawa 18th MMS 74-75
Uhler, Robert D. (Bob) CCK Ammo Dump 70-72
Van Meter, Randy CCK C-130 Crew Chief 67-68
Van Riper, Arthur Taipei Gold Mtn & USTDC Comm Ctr Kinmen MAAG 70-74
Van Slyke, Jim Taipei Sung Shan AB 1969
Varone, Robert CCK 314th AMS Aircraft Instruments 1969
Vaughan, Jim Shu Linkou CE Refer and AC Shop 69-71 / 71-73
Venters, Doug CCK Aircraft Fuel System Mechanic 70-71
Vortisch Jr., Christian  Shu Linkou AS GEEIA Team Antenna Farm 65-66
Wadley, Carol Ann Tainan - Wife of Chip Wadley, Det 9 Air Asia 71-73
Waldrop, Dean CCK 6217th Base Hospital 71-72 
Wagner, Bruce Taipei AS Personnel Office and Commander's Office 56-58
Walker, Wayne O. CCK 6217 Security Police Squadron 69-71
Wallace, Larry HSA Armed Services Police 64-65
Waller, Earl Tainan AS and Radar Site at Makung Island 62-63
Ward, Tom Taipei AS Comm Center 67-68
Warnock, Paul CCK Meteorologist at the base weather station 68-69
Washington, Jack J. CCK Controller in SAC Command Post 68-69
Waters, Lewis CCK Security Police Town Patrol Armed Forces Police 68-70
Webster, Donald MAAG Taiwan  52-55
Weinert, Jim Taipei AS ATF13(P) Intelligence (Targets Div) 60-62
Weldon, James D. (Jim) CCK Eng Shop & NDI Spec lots TDY in RVN/SEA 69-70
Werden, Lindsay Taipei STRATCOM 69-70
West, Terry B. CCK Base Finance 73-74
Weston, Dale Taipei AS 327Air Div Dependent Schools Officer 67-69
Wheeler, Larry Tainan AB Security at MMS & 405th 67-69
White, Bill Shu Linkou AS and AFNT Radio at the Sugar Bldg 61-65
White, Dwight Tainan AS 6214th Security Police Squadron 72-74
White, Edward (Ed) Shu Linkou AS 61-62
Whiting, Jonathan C. (J.C.) Taipei USTDC Special Intelligence Comm Center 77-79
Whitman, Ronnie (Ron) Tainan AB Security Police 69-71
Wiggins, Don USTDC J-12 73-74
Wilbourne Jr., William (Bill) MAAG Taipei 68-74
Wilbourne Jr., William (Bill) Taipei / Kaohsiung - Air Postal Dets (APO's) 62-66
Williams, Jervis Taipei AS Security Police Sq 75-76
Williams, Keith A Shu Linkou AS 6987th AF Trick 59-60
Williams. Ken CCK Radio Crypto Maintenance 64-66
Williams, Roger Taipei Postal Service 65-66
Williams, Terry CCK C-130 Crew Chief 70-71
Wilsey, Russell CCK Avionics/Doppler Radar 69-72
Wilson, Gary Taipei AS Shihmen Radar Site 65-66
Wilson, Larry J. Chiayi AB Vehicle Maintenance 66-68
Winkeler, Bernard (Wink) CCK 2129 Comm Sq Teletype Maintenance 73-74
Winning, John Taipei AS Manpower Office 67-68
Wipfler, Robert (Bob) Taipei MAAG Comm Center in Sugar Building 61-62
Wood, Bill Shu Linkou AS 57-58
Woods, James CCK Accounting and Finance Military Pay 70-72
Workman, Leo Taipei Grass Mountain STRATCOM LL Btn 71-72
Worley, Terry CCK POL (Base Fuels) 66-67
Wright, Kenneth Taipei Grass Mountain STRATCOM LL Ctn 67-69
Yeager, Albert F. Tainan AS - Navy Air Facility - TDY from Okinawa 58
Young, Earl CCK 345 TAS C-130 Mechanic 67-68
Young, Robert Ping Tung AB USMC VMF-115 Avionics Tech 58-59
Youngblood, Otha Tainan AS 6214th MMS 66-67
Zachman, Tom Taipei USTDC Comm Center 68-69
Ziemann, Robert (Bob) CCK Hydraulic Shop 68-69
Zimmerman, Mike CCK CE Heat Shop 69-70
Zmuda, Leo Makung Island OL-AB 73-74
Zoetewey, Chuck CCK Crew Chief on C-130 E 63-7825 68-69

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